EXCLUSIVE: Hayley Williams Colors Our World With New Hair Shades, and New Music

Hayley's solo debut is out May 8; Her 'Good Dye Young' hair colors are available now

Paramore singer Hayley Williams is getting set to drop her debut solo album Petals for Armor May 8, and we’re preparing to have an emotional Friday.

One way to be perfectly poised – we’ll be dying the hell out of our hair all night in anticipation. Luckily, Hayley has us covered in that area as well.

She just launched a whole new line of permanent and semi-permanent hair colors through her vegan and cruelty free hair care line, Good Dye Young on May 4th and she’s excited about the next chapter of the style venture she started a few years back with partner Brian O’Connor.

If you know Hayley, it’s obvious that she has a favorite color: Orange. She told RADIO.COM during her latest visit that, surprisingly enough, their “Riot” color is not the best-selling, and admits that people may not think they look good with bright orange locks. But, they’re wrong.

“Most people actually look really cool in orange,” she said with only a hint of bias.

“For a long time,” Hayley says the top selling color was “Steal My Sunshine,” a “radioactive” yellow number that she says she would have rather named “Toxic Piss.” Other fun color names like the purple “People Eater,” and “X Girl” have been mainstays in shoppers' bins, as well as “None More Black,” a Spinal Tap reference that she says flies over most people’s heads.

“I’m fine with that,” says Hayley. “I’m queen of obscure references.”

“We try to inject a lot of fun pop culture, punk culture, and music culture into the brand because it keeps it… more colorful.”

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Remembering back in 2014 when she was just beginning the business, she says she dyed her hair eight or nine different times while on the road with Paramore, testing out different colors “mostly because I was going through a variety of mental breakdowns.” Hayley has kept her blonde look since the After Laughter tour and says she uses the semi-permanent line these days when she needs a little kick.

Looking to the future, Williams says she would love to have some celebrities model her colors, and style-icon Billie Eilish was top of mind.

“She’s worn so many colors, but she does it in a way that feels relatable to me. Being in Paramore… I really didn’t fix my hair a lot. As long as it was a cool color, that was fine for me… She kind of has this vibe like that, where the color is always on point but it’s not like she does up-do’s or anything crazy.”

Hayley’s business partner, Brian joined in on the wish list, naming Rihanna and Nicki Minaj as his dream models. “I think a woman of color, and that magnitude, and her doing it before it was a big thing in the beginning of her career – I just love the idea of that.”

May 8 is a big day for Williams, who just gave fans another album preview Thursday, the final track on her debut solo record which Hayley says is quite meaningful to her for a “thousand, zillion reasons.”

Petals For Armor will available everywhere Friday, May 8.

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