Hayley Williams Reveals Her Top Five Paramore Songs, Twice

'Basically, the last 2 Paramore albums are our best. Nooo contest'

"Whoa… We never meant to brag, but we got you where we want you now."

Singer Hayley Williams recently released her debut solo album Petals For Armor, but fans know and love her for the work she’s put into one of the biggest post-punk acts to hit the stage. Williams fronted the band Paramore from its inception in 2004 all the way to today as the band teases new music in the coming months.

Throughout her career, the firebrand (and fire-haired) singer has stayed in constant communication with her loyal fanbase.

Most recently, she got caught up stanning for her own band after “liking” a tweet that a user posted asking people to list their five favorite Paramore songs. After noticing the like, user @hiimynameisash said, “hayley u can't like this and then not share ur top five Paramore songs, ur the #1 stan you have to share.”

So, share she did.

Hayley listed, in order 2017’s After Laughter tracks “Told You So,” “Hard Times,” “Pool,” and “Rose-Colored Boy,” and the live version of the band’s 2008 Twilight soundtrack contribution, “I Caught Myself.”

Because no one can pick just five… Hayley’s honorable mentions included 2017’s “Tell Me How” – “tho i cant listen to it” Hayley admitted – and 2013’s “Hate To See Your Heart Break.”

That was a few too many After Laughter tracks for some. So she was asked, since they had her, to list her top five NOT from the band's 2017 album. And oblige she did, once again.

A live version of 2013's "Future" tops her list, followed by "Crazy Girls," "Fast In My Car," and "Last Hope," from the same self-titled album. 2014's one-off, "Ain't It Fun" closes it out as she admits, "basically, the last 2 paramore albums are our best. nooo contest."

Hayley Williams' debut solo LP Petals For Armor is out now, as well as a whole line of hair colors under her Good Dye Young haircare brand. She also told us recently that while she and her Paramore cohorts work on separate projects, "there’s already moments where we find ourselves fantasizing about the next Paramore project and kind of have to stop ourselves, because everyone’s so busy working on s*** right now.”

Get ready for a whole new list of favorites in the near-future!

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