HOME SCHOOLED: Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees Makes At-Home Taco Bell

A vegetarian, social distancing option

We’re all looking for a few new activities to keep us up and occupied during this time of social distancing, and Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees is coming through with a delicious idea.

The “Everybody Talks” singer has cooked up a recipe for at-home, vegetarian Taco Bell as part of our “Home Schooled” series. Artists across the country have been sharing what they’ve learned or how they’re handling life at home during this time, but few crunch as good as Glenn’s tasty tip.

“I know a lot of you are stir-crazy and are unsure how to get a sense of normalcy,” Tyler explains in the video above. “This homemade version is a tad bit healthier and you don’t have to leave your quarantine.”

Glenn knows that now more than ever it’s important to stay safe and stop the spread of coronavirus. “Wash your hands, do a little social distancing -  stay six feet apart, stay home,” he advises.

In November, Neon Trees made their triumphant return with “Used To Like,” the band’s first new song after a four year break.

“There’s something very pure about Neon Trees right now,” Glenn shared at the time. “I hope listeners hear the sincerity.”

More new music from Neon Trees is expected throughout 2020.

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