Imagine Dragons Singer Dan Reynolds Performs With Neighborhood Band

Watch what happened in Las Vegas on Halloween
 Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons performs on stage during Rock in Rio 2019
Dan Reynolds Photo credit Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

You may have thought you had fun on Halloween, but whatever you did is nothing compared to what went on in a Las Vegas neighborhood.

A trio of musicians was set up in the driveway of one of the homes - providing entertainment for the trick or treaters – when one none other than Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons approached with his family.

The band members did what any aspiring musicians would do and asked the singer to join them. Dan apparently asked the guys if they knew any Imagine Dragons songs, and that’s when they launched into “Radioactive.”

Reynolds grabbed the mic and gave it all he had, all while holding his toddler. Video from the remarkable scene shows an enthusiastic preschooler grabbing a front row seat, and when the camera pans around we see several more people getting in to the performance.

The band’s sound quality is pretty good for the setting, and the singer/guitarist even adds backing vocals on the chorus without skipping a beat.

It’s been a fun few weeks for Reynolds. He and Yungblud released their new song “Original Me," and he and his wife welcomed their first son. Valentine Reynolds was born on October 1.

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