Celebrations In Pride: How K. FLAY aims to be a role model for younger queer individuals

'It's so important to see all these different versions of a future, and a career, and possibilities'

Now that June has arrived, Pride season has also landed here at Audacy. All month long we will be waving the flag for our friends, family members, and colleagues while celebrating the diversity, creativity, and ingenuity of the LGBTQIA+ community.

In partnership with Channel Q and Stella Rosa Wines, we’ll be hosting Celebrations in Pride and highlighting LGBTQ+ artists and allies every Thursday, with exclusive Pride party performances and interviews at Audacy.com/pride.

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With her new EP, Inside Voices, having just arrived on June 11, K.FLAY joined us this Pride month to discuss how her identity collides with the art she makes, what Pride looks like to her in 2021, and what projects she has her sights set on next.

When she came out as bisexual, K.FLAY noted a common theme in responses she got from younger fans. “One of the main responses I got, especially among my younger fans… Was like, ‘oh my god, another queer idol!’” She said.

While she laughed and humbly said “not to call” herself an idol, K.FLAY did say it was important for younger queer individuals to see people like her be in the position she’s in. “I think this concept of plentitude, in any space, is so important to see all these different versions of a future, and a career, and possibilities. That’s the most liberating thing.”

“That was really cool to see because I feel the same way,” she added.

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K.FLAY spent her formative years as a musician around a group of individuals that helped her really explore and dive into her creative side. “My peer group and the people I was around was a very queer space,” she says. “That really, really influenced not just me as a person, but my sense of confidence and freedom as I made music.”

As a musician, she aims to recreate those experiences whenever she's able to. “It was a very nurturing and experimental space and I’m very grateful for that,” she said.

Check out the full talk and a performance from K.FLAY above, and check out audacy.com/pride for much more.

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