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Now that June has arrived, Pride season has also landed here at Audacy. All month long we will be waving the flag for our friends, family members, and colleagues while celebrating the diversity, creativity, and ingenuity of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Coming off of a year where in-person events were nearly impossible, particularly during Pride 2020, morgxn is just ready to be out in the world with people again. After performing his song “MOOD SWING,” the artist joined Audacy’s Ally Johnson and Bryce Segall to fill us in on what shape Pride is taking for him in 2021.

While the artist is excited to be around people again, morgxn acknowledges that we’re all still in a confusing time, trying to navigate the world reopening. He says, “I feel like I have to just carry around a sign that’s like ‘it’s okay if you have a lot of feelings right now because this is a very confusing time…and like we’re open!?!?!?”

However, regardless of Pride happening at full scale or not, morgxn has always subscribed to the idea that it is “vital” to tell queer stories “of all different shapes, sizes, and colors in media.”

Thinking back on his own adolescence and realizing “who I love might look different than who the people around me are gravitating towards,” morgxn wishes that his own experiences were affirmed through queer stories being told through film, television, and music at the time.

morgxn embraces his queer identity because growing up he was told: “not to.” As the Tennessee native was coming up in the music industry he was told not to be openly gay if he wanted to succeed.

“I feel like every day I’m just like becoming more and more comfortable with who I am and not apologizing for it,” explains morgxn.

He adds, “it is part of the journey of having left the label and releasing music independently. It’s like, well I didn’t fit the version of events that matched what the corporation would allow as ‘queerness’….well okay I am just going to be my vibrant self, outside of the system that wasn’t supporting that.”

The “Porcelain” singer has a vastly intersectional view on Pride and the community in general. For him, there is no one way to identify as queer, and certainly, no stereotypical mold that one has to fit into once out.

When asked who’s “allowed at Pride,” morgxn is always first to emphatically say, “everyone!” “When I say everyone, I mean everyone,” asserts the singer with neon blonde locks. He continues, “Every walk of life, body, color, size, shape, gender, expression, You’re all allowed. And for me, that includes straight people, allies, and the people who are marching with us and lifting us up.”

This Pride Month, the MERIDIAN: vol 1 artist wants us to remember that we don’t need a month “to know that you can have pride, but it’s important in this month to reset. This is a great time to reset and be like ‘how can I be a better ally to queer people, to people of color? How can I be a better ally to myself?”

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