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Now that June has arrived, Pride season has also landed here at Audacy. All month long we will be waving the flag for our friends, family members, and colleagues while celebrating the diversity, creativity, and ingenuity of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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As Phem joined Audacy’s Ally Johnson and Bryce Segall, the artist performed an acoustic version of “stfu” with Tyler Posey by her side on the guitar.

After a year of halted live performances, Phem is reentering the world of live music with a bang this summer. This year she is on the Lollapalooza lineup and it will be her first time performing at the Chicago-based festival. Ready to dive right in, Phem says she’s already itching to do some crowd surfing.

The Los Angeles-based singer tells that she typically attends a big queer festival in LA’s Eagle Rock during every Pride season, but tries to attend as many events as she can in June.

Phem is blunt when she says, “I consider myself a love addict….I feel like every person I’m with or have a crush on… they always end up in my music.” The artist often sees that her identity, her relationships, and addiction to love always end up intertwined into her music.

“Everything that I write about is definitely a reflection of reality, and I think relationships and love play a huge part of my life, whether or not I’ve wanted to admit that, I’m starting to realize it’s a huge component of who I am,” explains the “congratulations” artist.

Phem says that she is currently in a very healthy relationship with another person who is also queer. She says that dating Tyler Posey is “the first time I’ve dated a man who identifies as a man and is also queer, so honestly, it’s been really mind-blowing.” She continues, “It’s really cool to be with a man who isn’t threatened by the fact that I like all types of people.”

As a queer artist in the Alt world, Phem says she has found a very welcoming community of queer Alternative artists who have embraced her. The singer says that as Alternative music is derived from Rock, oftentimes things can be very heteronormative and black and white.

However, artists like Carolesdaughter have inspired Phem and made her feel like she part of the community too.

As a songwriter, Phem often thinks about how lyrics can be gendered, especially when the lyrics refer to relationships. The artist tells us that she tries to write in a way that everyone can identify with the song.

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