KennyHoopla and Travis Barker give 'SURVIVORS GUILT: The Mixtape' the ultimate 'car test'

'The song is never finished unless it passes the car test'
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The sound of speakers blasting your favorite tracks up close in the confines of a car with an amazing system is one of those joys of life that needs to be experienced. So is riding in a sick Porsche, actually.

KennyHoopla and Travis Barker recently got a chance to experience both while rocking out to Kenny's latest release, SURVIVORS GUILT: THE MIXTAPE//.

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This unique look and listen is thanks to media and entertainment company MARVIN and Porsche Cars North America, Inc., who have teamed up for Sound and Driven – a brand new series of short films featuring some of music’s most respected artists and producers as they take their records on the legendary “car test” around Los Angeles in the all-electric 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo.

Historically, artists and producers have enjoyed hopping in a car to give their finished records a final listen and this is, obviously, taking it to the next level. In the first episode Kenny and Trav reflect on their recording process, inspiration, and creative approach to music.

"The car test is like the 101. You just get in the car, and you drive around, you make sure it smacks in the speakers," Kenny says. "The song is never finished unless it passes the car test, for me.”

"What I love about this project," he adds, "it just sounds like, risky... I guess you could call it commercial, but we did so much, things that a lot of people wouldn’t do for something to be at the forefront.”

“In a time where music is kind of filtered or watered down, there's an artist like Kenny that means every word he says. And he's so adamant about writing every lyric and the feeling or the emotion that a song brings him,” Travis says. “I like experimenting and taking the artist and the listener on a journey. With Kenny that was my job: to execute and find that sound for him. So with that being said, I don't feel like another artist will make a body of work like this.”

Four 10 minute episodes will be released within the new Sound and Driven series and will be featured on the Porsche website and social channels as well as MARVIN's website, YouTube, and social channels.

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