Watch Our RADIO.COM Live Storyteller Performance With The Lumineers


Just days removed for their ambitious third album, III, The Lumineers joined RADIO.COM for a special Storyteller performance. Watch the band play a few selections off of their deeply affecting new LP along with some fan favorites, sharing stories behind the songs. It's all exclusively from RADIO.COM

Told in three acts through three members of the fictional Sparks family, III finds The Lumineers singing about addiction passed down, personally recounted from inside the storm with intimacy and emotional songwriting. “When Wes and I write, we just care about writing a good song; the music always comes first” founding member and drummer Jeremiah Fraites explains in a statement. “This collection of songs worked out in a beautiful way, and I feel with this album we’ve really hit our stride.”

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III reflects some of the experiences Fraites and signer Wesley Schultz have had with addiction impacting friends and family throughout their youth, unfolding here within the Sparks family. Gloria Sparks, her grandson Junior, and her son Jimmy Sparks are all stuck in the cycle of addiction, taking its toll through every generation.

“It’s kind of about this tug of war between loving a family member that’s dealing with some difficult things – some demons, like an addiction,” Schultz told RADIO.COM earlier this year about the lead single, “Gloria,” and the themes of III. “So you love them and that love makes it really painful. It’s impossible to turn that part of you off, but you still go up and down with them and that love will still endure.”

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III is now available everywhere.