Dive into Maggie Rogers' creative process on 'Difficult Artist' with Lizzy Goodman

Difficult Artist

Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite stars and musicians get the creative juices flowing? Look no further than this new podcast.

"Difficult Artist," from Audacy's Cadence13, explores the rituals, inspirations, struggles, and joys of the creative process of some of your favorite creators.

The podcast dives into some of the most intimate details of the creative process with writers, musicians, painters, designers, chefs, and other artists - all hoping to find out what it really takes to make their work.

Host, journalist, and bestselling author Lizzy Goodman sits down with Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, comedian Whitney Cummings, and visual artist Shantell Martin, to name a few.

Goodman says of the podcast, "I have been interviewing filmmakers, musicians, writers and comedians for years. Whenever I get stuck, lost in a cul-de-sac of rehearsed answers, I always ask something super specific about the artist’s process—like what time of day they get to the studio, or where they buy their pens."

With ‘Difficult Artist,’ I’m going pro with this particular technique—digging all the way into the daily practices of some of the most inspiring artists alive, and I’m excited to do this on my first-ever podcast with Cadence13!" she said.

In the first episode, she chats with singer/songwriter Maggie Rogers.

Goodman, author of "Meet Me in the Bathroom," begins by asking Rogers about her workspace, to which the songstress replies, "I don't have one," going on to say that her workspace is a soft cover moleskin notebook with a very specific type of black pen.

"A lot of my writing, I do in the studio," she later explains.

When it comes to songwriting, the process isn't always easy. "The music doesn't lie, and you don't always like what it has to tell you," Rogers says.

Rogers then unpacks the changes she's experienced in creating music throughout the years - noting that in high school, she faced different challenges than those that she faced in college.

The "Alaska" singer then taps into her songwriting process, explaining that the words she writes oftentimes come with a melody on their own. "Words have melody inherent...There will be a phrase that comes and it just has - it comes with a melody," Rogers says.

So how has the coronavirus pandemic affected Rogers' creative process? "I had a song-a-day practice during quarantine," Rogers explains, noting that she and a group of other artists held each other accountable for creating one new song everyday.,

"I love a challenge," she said of the process. "You don't say 'no.'"

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