Machine Gun Kelly, Pete Davidson strip down to underwear to bring ' the horniness'

'Well, Calvin, I hope you're really inspired'
Colson Baker AKA Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson
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By , Audacy

Apparently, if you look up artist Machine Gun Kelly and comedian Pete Davidson on Urban Dictionary, you'll get some pretty salacious results. Deal with that search yourselves; that's a rabbit hole we don't want to go down today. But we trust them, and here we are, with a bit of half-naked news to start the day.

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Kelly, currently embroiled in a steamy relationship with actor Megan Fox, and Davidson, who has been pinned romantically to Kim Kardashian, both set Instagram on fire when they posted a live video together on Monday poking fun at their own Urban Dictionary entries -- culminating in some posing on a couch in their underwear.

Prior to their disrobing, Kelly seated next to Davidson on a couch said he hoped "everyone is just really soaking in their seats out there," as they discussed their results on the crowd-sourced definition website.

Davidson joined in, saying, "I hope everyone's horny. We really brought the horniness. I mean, we bring the horniness... If you look up Machine Gun Kelly in the Urban Dictionary, it says, 'Horniness.'" Kelly then added, "Pete Davidson also has a simile to that... It's called BDE," referring to Davidson's ex, Ariana Grande's previous comments about his penis size. Yeesh...

Eventually, both celebs pulled down their pants to their ankles revealing their tighty-whities and hopped onto the couch. Pete, who took over Calvin Klein's Instagram account earlier in the day, joked, "Sure, you can have a Calvin Klein ad." Kelly, however, said he needed "props" to get in the mood, slowly dropping a tray of popcorn into Davidson's mouth. "Well, Calvin, I hope you're really inspired," Kelly concluded.

While we wait for their official cK underwear ads, fans can look forward to seeing the duo together again on the big screen. Singer MOD SUN recently told us about the feature-length film he's created along with MGK and Travis Barker, titled Good Mourning With A U, which also features Kelly, Davidson, comedian Whitney Cummings, Megan Fox, and Dove Cameron.

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