Mark Hoppus Explains Why Blink-182's New Album Is Called 'NINE'

The singer clears up the confusion on Reddit

Blink-182 thrilled fans last week, finally announcing details for their new album.

NINE is slated to arrive on September 20, featuring 15 tracks of new music from the pop punk icons. The band’s first new album since 2016’s California comes packed with excitement and expectations, arriving as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album Enema Of The State and look ahead to new sonic adventures.

"I think we're taking everything that we've done in the past and building on it. Which is what we want to always be doing" Mark Hoppus told us about NINE earlier this year. "I think it's a good combination of fast punk rock stuff, modern production, and taking a lot of risks and experimentation."

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Along with their new song “Darkside”, last week was a wonderful one for blink fans. However, it was also a bit confusing.

As many people noted, NINE looks to be the eighth studio album from blink-182. Starting with their debut album, Cheshire Cat, when they were still just plain old blink, all the way up to Matt Skiba’s debut on California, the band technically has seven efforts in the books. But that’s not the way Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker see it.

Hoppus took to Reddit this weekend to clear up the confusion.

“NINE. This is our ninth album, as decided by me and Travis” he wrote. “Some count Buddha, some not. Some count the Mark, Tom and Travis show. Some count Greatest Hits. Some count Dogs Eating Dogs. I’m counting Buddha, Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch, Enema Of The State, TOYPAJ, Untitled, Neighborhoods, California, and now NINE.”

After the success of blink-182’s breakout album, Dude Ranch, their debut album Cheshire Cat was re-released along with their demo titled Buddha being made available for the first time. Both were originally recorded under the name Blink, before a lawsuit prompted the addition of the 182. In this case, it’s the demo that Hoppus considers on of the nine.

But wait, there’s more from Mark. “Nine is also the number of universal love, and the number of Uranus” he concludes.

There you go. Facts.

Blink-182 is currently on tour with Lil Wayne, playing Enema Of The State in full for the 20th anniversary of the album. NINE arrives on September 20.