Dropped Frames Vol. 1: Mike Shinoda's New Album Helped Him 'Stay Sane'

'Dropped Frames: Vol. 1' is out now

Linkin Park songwriter Mike Shinoda is celebrating the release of his latest solo effort, Dropped Frames: Vol. 1 - out today, July 10.

The album was curated with the help of fans during his at-home quarantine Twitch recording and production sessions, and the musician recently spoke about how it all came together and how it's helped him cope with these uncertain times.

"My livestreaming thing and the music that’s come from it have really helped me to stay sane through this whole thing,” Shinoda told NME in a new Facetime interview.

For this project, Shinoda chose to invite his fans into the recording booth as he explained his process and composed music on the fly, receiving feedback and ideas from viewers the entire time, creating a truly collaborative experience for all. He sees the record being "just as much about the live channel as it is about the 'album,'" with followers even getting the unique chance to submit their own tracks for possible use. That meant keeping to somewhat of a schedule, checking emails and perusing through submitted content every day.

“Some days I’ll be at odds with what the fans want to do. Sometimes there’s a friction, and sometimes that makes it worse and sometimes that makes it better. It’s OK that some of these experiments fail," he admits.

"There are a number of different things that I get out of it," he says about the sessions. "It's a nice anchor for my day and my week – in that I can tell what time and what day it is, which isn't easy in lockdown! I can make so much cool stuff."

Be sure to watch the full interview, and while you're feeling the Linkin Park vibe today, don't sleep on the new, pre-LP Chester Bennington band Grey Daze, who just released an album featuring resurfaced vocals from the late singer. Plus Shinoda recently revealed there's an unreleased Linkin Park track, "Friendly Fire" just waiting to see the light of day.

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