More than you bargained for: Fall Out Boy have their own official taco

'Sugar, We’re Goin’ to Get Tacos'

When you think of Fall Out Boy, you think of tacos, right? No, but sugar, that’s what you better start thinking (sing that part).

In preparation for National Taco Day, and also just because, Fall Out Boy teamed up with Los Angeles Mexican eatery Casa Vega to release their very own signature taco. Described as "crispy corn shell filled with ground beef or shredded chicken, homemade queso, Cool Ranch Doritos [and] pico de gallo," topped off with a "cilantro ranch crema drizzle."

The creation has been dubbed the "Sugar We're Goin' To Get Tacos" by restaurant owner Christy Vega and FOB bassist Pete Wentz, and as we’re always down for a good pun, we're absolutely here for it. As if Mexican food and some wordplay weren’t enough, a portion of the proceeds from sales will be going to No Us Without You, a local charity that feeds unemployed undocumented restaurant workers and their families. Mexican food and charity! Seriously, could it get any better?

Unfortunately, if you don’t live in Cali, the delicious snack is out of your reach, as it will only be available exclusively at Casa Vega in Los Angeles from Oct. 4 to Oct. 31. Sorry to tell you something you want don’t want to hear, but that’s just who we are this week (sing that part too).

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