Mt. Joy on the ‘great opportunity’ for music and art that follows the pandemic

'Hopefully we'll see some good music coming down the pipeline in the next year or two'

Mt. Joy used their time in quarantine to write. Then write some more, and more after that for good measure.

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Mt. Joy frontman Matt Quinn joined Audacy’s Marty Lennartz live from Lollapalooza as he spoke about using his time in quarantine to dig into one of his great loves, writing.

“For me personally as a writer, it was obviously scary at first. Then you realize ‘ok I have maybe a year to just write.’ That’s what I love to do,” Quinn said.

“Touring is fun, but it is the ‘sale’ part of the job. Touring is a grind at times and makes it difficult to sit down and clear your head and write. It was a great opportunity and I think for so many writers and bands you’ll hopefully see some good music coming down the pipeline in the next year or two.”

“Anxiety, I have to imagine globally, is at an all time high or close to it,” Quinn added. As a result, he sees the opportunity for a lot of great art to come from these times. “I think a lot of great art is sort of the friction of nervous energy, or positive energy, whatever it is. There’s definitely been an energy shift in the world and I think art will always reflect that.”

At the same time, Quinn doesn’t feel the need to put things plainly in his music. Rather, he gets joy from writing material that listeners can come to their own conclusions on.  “Sure, things can be on the nose and be great,” Quinn said. “And that’s fine, but for me part of the catharsis of writing is digging out the subconscious and realize that’s going to make a lot of sense to someone even if it’s abstract on paper because we all do have this conscious and subconscious world that we’re all very similar. Even more so in that subconscious because it’s a little more simple and less guarded.”

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