Mikey Way Says Relax: My Chemical Romance Will Be Here When Concerts Return

'It'll all still be here when this is all over'

My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way wants fans to know that once this pandemic is behind us, the band will be right here picking up the pieces of their shelved reunion tour.

"Whether you're in a band, you're a director, you work a retail job, you're a gardener - you had a plan, and now it's been disrupted," he told the UK's BBC.

Through all of the uncertainty, he's trying to stay positive and gave fans something to look forward to. "I know fans have been waiting a long time, but it'll all still be here when this is all over."

"Live music isn't going anywhere, it's just on pause for everybody," he continued.

"I feel like people are waiting with bated breath. It's a light at the end of the tunnel and I think there's something really cool about that."

Another shining light is the fact that My Chem singer Gerard Way isn't the only member of the band with an artistic itch that needs scratching outside of their collective musical outlet. Mikey is already a published author with DC's release of his comic series Collapser in 2019, and is about to drop his own graphic novel based on the music and name of his other band, Electric Century.

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