Noel Gallagher's reputation hurts daughter's ability to rent

'The landlords are thinking I’m going to have mad ones every night'

Noel Gallagher’s daughter Anaïs claims her parents’ reputation is a negative spectre hanging over her adult life and influencing others’ perceptions.

The 20-year-old daughter of Meg Mathews and the Britpop bad boy tells UK gossip magazine The Mirror renters have turned her away, assuming the worst about her drinking habits. "‘I’ve not got apartments that I’ve tried to rent because of it,” she explains.

"The landlords are thinking I’m going to have mad ones every night.”

Business dealings aren’t the only aspect of Anaïs’ life affected by her parents’ reputation. She says past relationships have gone sour due to the wild assumptions. "My ex-boyfriend’s family were like 'does she drink a lot? Does she do drugs?' I don’t drink. Having parents who’ve been a bit crazy made me go the opposite way."

Meg and Noel met and married in the late 1990’s during the height of Oasis’ fame. The couple divorced in January of 2001, leading to Gallagher’s litany of romantic flings.

Most recently, the singer lashed out at masks as a protection against spreading the coronavirus. Appearing on the podcast Matt Morgan’s Funny How?, called the whole thing “bollocks.”

“You’re supposed to wear them in Selfridges, yet you can f*****g go down the pub and be surrounded by every f****** c***. Do you know what I mean?” he asked host Matt Morgan.

“It’s like, ‘oh actually, we don’t have the virus in pubs but we have it in Selfridges?’”

Morgan presented the artist contradictory facts based in scientific evidence and law. Noel ignored them and spouted alternative facts. “Listen to me, it’s not a law. There’s too many f****** liberties being taken away from us now.” But in fact, it is the law.

According to, persons in England must wear a face covering while indoors. Some examples include transport hubs, shops and supermarkets. Laws don’t seem to deter Gallagher from going public with his opinions.

Besides spreading his mouth droplets across England, Gallagher has spent COVID quarantine discovering unreleased Oasis tracks. He recently shared an early demo for an unreleased track called "Don't Stop..."

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