RADIO.COM LIVE Check In: 24kGoldn says topping ‘WAP’ is like beating ‘the final boss’

The 'Mood' star also digs in on his upcoming debut album

24kGoldn’s takeover is just beginning. Don’t believe us? Consider the fact he just beat out the Cardi B/Megan Thee Stallion juggernaut “WAP” on the charts.

“I didn’t think we could defeat that, that’s like the final boss level,” the breakout rapper and singer told RADIO.COM’s Kenzie Kramer in a special RADIO.COM LIVE Check In.

24kGoldn’s latest hit “Mood” is a collaboration with Iann Dior and just took the top spot on Billboard’s Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. It’s been a rapid come up for 24kGoldn and he’s just getting started.

He offered a tease of what’s to come when he took to Instagram the other day with the caption “66% done.”

“I was 66% done with my lunch,” he joked before spilling the beans with its true meaning. “I’m playing that’s referring to my debut album El Dorado,” he said before confirming it’ll drop in early 2021.

While we want to hear more music from him, 24KGoldn is preaching patience. “I can’t give y’all all the hits right now. I gotta spread out just in case some more crazy stuff goes on in the world so I can keep your spirits up,” he said.

As 24kGoldn puts the finishing touches on his debut record, he wants to continue to stay connected to his fans. The best way to do so? Hit him up in his DM’s.

“I like to respond to all my fans, definitely as many as I can get to,” he said.

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