Royal & the Serpent on the feelings and intentions behind ‘Overwhelmed’

'Who is authentically Royal?'

Overwhelmed is just one of the many words being tossed around these days. However, for Royal & the Serpent, her hit song “Overwhelmed” is filled with good intentions.

The rising indie-pop artist joined RADIO.COM's Kevan Kenney to share the intentions she has behind her music and talk about everything she has in the works.

“Overwhelmed” was written over two years ago, but Royal shares that she felt the song dropped at a time when the world could “resonate” with it most. The singer and songwriter tells us that her intent behind the song was to create a piece of art that depicted a shared experience that anyone could relate to. “All I wanted really to do with ‘Overwhelmed’ was to give it to people to hopefully make them feel better,” says Royal.

The inspiration for the beloved track came from Ryan Santiago’s experiences with mental health. “Sensory overload was a really big thing for me. So being out all the time, being at shows all the time, a lot of lights, a lot of loud, a lot of stimuli everywhere was becoming incredibly overwhelming for me,” Santiago explains. When Ryan arrived at her recording session in the midst of trying to understand the sensations she was feeling “Overwhelmed” blossomed from the struggles she was facing.

The New Jersey native draws heavy inspiration from Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. Santiago elaborates, “I just think Kurt has been such an inspiration to me, especially lately with the kind of direction I’m heading with the music that I’m making. What comes out of him is just so authentically him and I think that’s really what I’m trying to cultivate.” Royal poses the question, “Who is authentically Royal and what kind of music does she want to make?”

“Overwhelmed” comes off of her freshly released EP GET A GRIP, which is available everywhere.

For more from Royal & the Serpent and the major artists that have inspired her work watch her full interview above.

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