EXCLUSIVE: SHAED Delivers an Intimate Performance of 'Thunder' and 'Trampoline'

The trio tells us the stories behind the songs

“Trampoline” is one of the most infectious songs of the year, still everywhere and only gaining steam since it was released in last year. We’ve been having dreams every since, and the trio of SHAED were kind enough to bring them to life for an exclusive intimate performance.

“It’s about kind of embracing your biggest fears, and kind of coming to terms with them,” Chelsea Lee tells RADIO.COM. “Me personally I have an incredible fear of dying, so there’s all these different situations in ‘Trampoline’ where this girl is on the edge of life and death, and just kind of embraces it because she’s surrounded by love.”

The emotions burst through every note as SHAED strips the song down to its base, with Lee’s voice taking center stage and that whistle taking on a whole new power.

The group does a similar trick on “Thunder.” The song is typically a sonic explosion, but for us SHAED taking it down to a campfire conjuring tune. “It’s about sticking up for what you believe in" Max Ernst shares.


“Wherever you are, let's get loud like thunder,” Lee sings as the acoustic guitar marches beside her. “Know in your heart, they won't drag us under.”

This weekend SHAED was a part of the RADIO.COM event, Riptide Music Festival powered by Ford. Next month they will be a part of RADIO.COM’s Not So Silent Night events in both New York and San Diego.

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