The 1975, Grimes, and FKA Twigs Have Prepared Art Lessons for You

Popular artists project their creative ambitions onto famous paintings

Grimes, FKA Twigs and The 1975’s Matty Healy teamed up with Google Arts & Culture to produce a series of videos providing further perspective on notable paintings.

Art Zoom features scanning B-Roll footage of significant paintings, accompanied by each celebrity narrating the piece’s greater meaning.

Known for her extreme visual art, Grimes dove deep into Bruegel’s The Fall of Rebel Angels. “This is a deeply emotional piece,” she comments. “He [Bruegel] must have been having a really bad day.” She also draws attention to her favorite aspect of the painting. “I feel like this is just meant to be super gross, but the religious symbolism is obvious here,” she comments. “Spirit is stronger than flesh.”

FKA Twigs relates personally to Artemisia Gentileschi’s portrait of Mary Magdalene. The singer released her second album Magdalene in 2019, focusing on personal heart break. “When making my own album, it was a time of great healing for me. When I was researching about Mary Magdalene and I was looking at a lot of paintings of her, she seemed so poised and together,” Twigs mused.

“But the irony is, in finishing my music I found a deep wildness.”

Matty Healy went a more abstract expressionist route, analyzing Mondrian’s “the foundation of things.” Healy draws a parallel between the artist’s interconnected cubist aesthetic and modern triumphs in technology. “Here I am, talking to you through the internet, which was originally this utopian dream of connecting and uniting people,” he said. “But it’s Mondrian who planted the seeds of that 100 years ago.”

Other big name musicians are appear in the series including J Balvin, Ellie Goulding and Feist.

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