EXCLUSIVE: The Lumineers Lost a Jacket, Gained Inspiration at the GRAMMY Awards

Plus, did Jack White steal their jacket?

The Lumineers took the stage at the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards in 2013 filled with excitement and nerves, and left with new inspiration for their second album.
The band was nominated for two awards, including Best New Artist. They lost both and a jacket before the night was it over.

“Yeah, I lost my favorite jacket on the GRAMMY performance,” Jeremiah Fraites remembers. “I don’t know who took it but, probably Jack White.”

The Lumineers admittedly “freaked out” when they found out they were nominated. Standing on the strength of their debut album, the band was thrust into music’s biggest night beside all of their musical idols, starring in a movie made about their life. “To actually be there and to see Sting, Rihanna, and Elton John; all these crazy bands that you grew up listening to. It was very surreal but it was a little bit scary,” Fraites explains. “I didn’t understand what was happening at the time.”

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Hopes were dashed that night as the band lost out to fun. for Best New Artist, but ultimately it was the best thing that could have happened to the “Ho Hey” band.

“I think in a long-term weird way, losing was actually really beneficial,” Fraites says thinking back on that night. “To lose it was sort of a humbling thing amidst all that crazy whirlwind of success. So I think in some weird way it fueled us to write a better second album. I think if we would have won any GRAMMY it just would have been a little bit of a trip mentally.”

The Lumineers got something even better than a GRAMMY in 2013, an extra push towards the future and a lot of exposure. Performing on the GRAMMY stage introduced the band to a whole new audience, and some friends still associate the performance with the band winning.

“Everyone thought we won because we played on the show,” Wesley Schultz smiles. “I just don’t correct them. I say thank you.”

Watch to see who wins, or doesn’t and goes on to an equally amazing career, at the 2020 GRAMMY Awards on Sunday January 26 at 8PM ET on CBS.

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