The Lumineers return with new album 'BRIGHTSIDE' arriving January 2022

Pre-orders are available now!
The Lumineers
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Listen up, we’ve got good news and bad news. Okay, actually it’s technically all amazing news split into immediate and delayed gratification, but you get what we mean.

The Lumineers have announced the impending release of their eagerly awaited fourth album BRIGHTSIDE. But you’ll have to wait until Friday, January 14, 2022 for it to drop. On the bright side (sorry we had to), pre-orders are available now.

Listen to your favorite music now on Audacy and ho hey! To get yourself artsy-rocksy-folksy pumped while we wait for BRIGHTSIDE to arrive check Audacy's exclusive ALT Quiet Car station, for all the chill out alt vibes. Merging the best elements of folk and rock music with an emphasis on storytelling.

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With the album announcement, the Colorado-based band also debuted the album’s title track as their first single (alongside a dreamy visualizer) which they stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform.

For some backstory on “BRIGHTSIDE” — the band’s singer-guitarist and co-founder Wesley Schultz revealed in the LP’s official announcement, “The song… was recorded in a single day,” and we’re paraphrasing here, is some real apocalyptic Bonnie and Clyde ish. No seriously, here’s Schultz’ description — “It’s like a 15-year-old’s fever dream, an American love story in all its glory and heartbreak. The last couple left, on the run from something and all alone…”

In addition to premiering their newest tune, the folk-rock group also took offered up a little off-air online exclusive mini set, performing four tracks including “Ophelia,” “Gloria, “Gale Song,” and “It Wasn’t Easy to Be Happy for You.”

Check out all the Jimmy Kimmel performances above and pre-order BRIGHTSIDE now. PLUS -- be sure to see The Lumineers this December at Audacy Beach Festival in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!

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