The Offspring squeezed all your quarantine anxiety into one music video, enjoy

This is perhaps the best video summarizing quarantine anxiety
The Offspring
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In the future, someone may ask what quarantine anxiety was like during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re on the receiving end of that question, all you need to do is show them this music video from The Offspring.

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The Offspring shared the music video for their song “Let The Bad Times Roll” and it provides a satirical look on the anxieties we’re all facing during quarantine by turning it up to 11.

Talking toilet paper? It’s there. Giant cockroaches? Yep. Scorpion cell phones? Watch out for those. Massive COVID-19 particles attacking you? Check.

“Let The Bad Times Roll” serves as the title track of The Offspring’s first new album in nine years. Their last album came in 2012 when they released Days Go By.

While The Offspring continued touring and released various covers, original tracks, and a Christmas song, the record marks their long-awaited return and is due out on April 16.

“Let The Bad Times Roll” isn’t the first pandemic-themed material The Offspring have released as they recently shared a reworked version of their 1994 classic “Come Out And Play.”

Replacing the line “you gotta keep ‘em separated” with “you gotta go get vaccinated,” it’s an appropriate revision for the times.

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