The origin story of Cannons is straight out of a Marvel comic

There could easily be a movie made about their formation

Cannons has an origin story that could easily be turned into a movie one day.

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Cannons joined Audacy’s Marty Lennartz live from Lollapalooza as they gave us the incredible story behind their formation. Guitarist Ryan Clapham and keyboardist/bassist Paul Davis have been friends since childhood and grew up on the same block as one another.

Davis and Clapham would get together as teenages to jam. The duo would play heavy metal music like “Pantera, Slayer, nothing like Cannons,” Ryan said of the music they played as teenagers.

As the duo were putting their band together, they put an ad out on Craigslist for a singer. That’s how they found Michelle Joy. “I came all the way from Florida, didn’t know anyone in Los Angeles,” Joy said. “[I] wanted to make music with some people and it was like a match made in heaven when we started working on music together and haven’t stopped. They’re my first band too.”

The trio wrote their first song together without ever meeting in person. “It sounded pretty good,” Joy says, “and we decided to keep going.”

“The first two tracks we did with Michelle before really meeting up with her, were in my opinion, pretty different than the direction it's gone in the last year and a half,” Clapham added. “It took a little bit for us to know her and for her to know us and get that vibe going. It wasn’t a choice we made, it just kind of organically happened.”

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