The Strokes Return with a Fresh Album to Soundtrack Our 'New Abnormal'

The band returns with their first record since 2013's 'Comedown Machine'

NYC’s ALT favorites The Strokes have returned with a brand new album, their first since 2013, with a title that we can all get behind in these trying times. Welcome to The New Abnormal.

The band got together for a video, separately of course, to discuss their latest effort and give fans something extra while we’re all forced to weather this viral storm.

In episode two of their new at-home series, 5Guys talking about things they know nothing about, aimed at staying connected with fans, the band discusses the new record track by track and also get into show cancelations, and the effect the worldwide spread of coronavirus is having on each of them.

Singer Julian Casablancas and drummer Fabrizio Moretti delved into the meaning behind the song “Ode To the Mets,” which we were treated to earlier this year, explaining that it’s less about sports and more about loss, pain, and disappointment.

"The guys on the team are gonna love that,” Casablancas laughs.

The New Abnormal is now available everywhere.

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