Watch 24kGoldn Perform and Answer Questions in an Exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live

The 'CITY OF ANGELS' singer has answers for you

24kGoldn joined RADIO.COM for another special FANDEMIC Instagram Live this week. The rising rapper and singer performed his song, "CITY OF ANGELS," and took questions from fans from the comfort of his own home.

Coming off of TikTok success, 24kGoldn has gone major, dropping this genre-defying debut EP, DROPPED OUTTA COLLEGE. The 19-year-old caught fire at the end of 2019, and the hot streak has continued into 2020, breaking boundaries and racking up fans around the globe.

"It's really just, working with the producers that I like to work with," he says of his style, mixing elements all across the sonic spectrum.

"Anybody can send a pack of beats, and you might catch a vibe on there. But it's like, going to the store and buying a shirt that is already pre-made that anybody could possibly buy versus going to the tailor and getting your own custom shirt made. No one else is gonna look like you. I think of it the same way with music. When I'm getting in with these producers I'm friends with, that come from all different backgrounds, we're able to do stuff that nobody has done before."

For more from 24kGoldn on what he's listening to right now and the hardest part of quarantine, check out the full FANDEMIC Instagram Live above.

Last month, 24kGoldn shared with us some of his struggles during this time of social distancing, as part of our “Home Schooled” series.

“I’ve learned that it’s really hard to not touch your face,” he explained. “When you’re pretty neat like me you gotta – do the eyebrows, wipe off a little grime on your face, a little under-eye cheese and, I really can’t do that right now. I guess I gotta put some gloves on and then do my skin care routine, but, I’m learning.”


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