Audacy LIVE Check IN: Inside the making of 24kGoldn’s debut album ‘El Dorado’

Celebrating the release of his debut studio album 'El Dorado'
By , Audacy

He sent us into a whole “Mood” last summer with his breakthrough single. Now, 24kGoldn has finally dropped his debut album El Dorado we’re talking with him all about it.

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24kGoldn joined Audacy’s Julia for a LIVE Check-In and we couldn’t help but smile as he spoke about his excitement over the record. “This is the culmination of two years of hard work, and blood, and sweat, and tears,” he says. “I’m just ready for the world to listen to what I got to share”

For some artists, the name of their album can reflect the overall theme of the record, which is something 24kGoldn did with his debut. However, he’s had the name El Dorado in mind for a long time.

“I knew that I wanted this to be the album name before I even made songs with the album in mind,” he says. “‘El Dorado’ is a nickname of mine from when I was growing up and it means ‘the golden one.’ It also means ‘the golden city,’ which ties into San Francisco where I’m from.”

He also expounded on the mythical golden city of El Dorado in Colombia serving as inspiration. “Nobody ever found it, but it was supposed to have all this crazy gold everywhere. This is me tying all those in together to tell my story and create my own world.”

El Dorado serves as a culmination of the music 24kGoldn made in the lead up to his debut. While there was music he finished about a month before the record’s release, he says the oldest song on the album is from summer 2019.

“Those ones to me are like, ‘wow this song is so good that it beat out hundreds of other songs for making it out on this album,’” he says. “The vibe I was in at that time was so pure and it was the essence of golden.”

“We turned this album in like, literally two minutes before the deadline,” he added with a laugh.

24kGoldn had an incredible opportunity on his hands when he was making the record. The chance to work with artists like Future, DaBaby, and Swae Lee. Fortunately, he was able to get the chance to work in person with them. “In the beginning, I was locked in working on making the best songs possible. As 2021 came in, I was like ‘alright we gotta travel and I gotta get a change in scenery,’” he says.

“I went to Atlanta and I met Future, who was mad cool. [I] came back to LA and sent him the songs and he got on it. Swae Lee, we got in a couple different times making a few different vibes, figuring out which was the one and that ended up being ‘Empty.’”

The experience wasn’t lost on him. “These are talented people that inspired me and that I watched and went to their shows growing up. It’s dope for it to come back full circle,” he says.

24kGoldn’s debut album El Dorado is out now.

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