Kelly Clarkson just covered My Chemical Romance and we're forever changed

When Kelly was a young boy, her father took her into the city, to see a marching band...
Kelly Clarkson
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It's refreshing when you just can't pin down the numerous inspirations that an artist holds dear. Singer and television personality Kelly Clarkson is one of those stand-outs, and she's constantly surprising fans with her choices of cover songs that she absolutely crushes during her widely popular Kellyoke sessions on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

From Ed Sheeran to Toby Keith; and Depeche Mode to Billie Eilish, Kelly consistently gives her longtime fans and newcomers alike a taste of the music that motivates her, while also showcasing the songs perfectly arranged for her expansive range.

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Kelly's latest "oh wow!" moment came with her gorgeous, albeit shortened for TV rendition of beloved pop-punks My Chemical Romance's 2006 single, "The Black Parade," on Thursday's program.

Fine-tuning the beautiful raspiness of MCR singer Gerard Way's emo-crooning, Kelly has proven once again there is not a song out there that she can't slay, showing fans that she is in fact the reigning "Queen of Covers."

Kelly’s highly-popular show was given a renewal last year to bring the fun to viewers through 2023, filling the emptiness being left by Ellen DeGeneres when her show comes to an end in 2022 -- so fans can expect a lot more of her famous musical tributes for years to come.

After bringing a darker feel to the pop-punk and emo scene that was popularized in the nineties with their first two releases, MCR brought fans into an entirely new world of their own making with the release of their third record, The Black Parade, in 2006. Run That Back with us now, as we celebrate 15 years of the iconic album.

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