AWOLNATION's Aaron Bruno spent years collecting 'hilarious, fun,' challenging covers for this moment

The band's cover of the Scorpions classic 'Wind Of Change' is here – featuring Brandon Boyd and John Gourley
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AWOLNATION just dropped a brand new offering from the upcoming album My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers and Me, a skillfully crafted collection of covers featuring notable artists of all genres set to arrive on May 6. Frontman Aaron Bruno joined Audacy’s Julia today for a special Check In to give us some insight into the newly released single, and tell us what to expect on the upcoming release.

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AWOLNATION's brand new cover of the Scorpions classic “Wind of Change” arrived today, January 21, and features Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd and Portugal. the Man’s John Gourley.

The collaborative "Wind Of Change" serves as the first single from AWOLNATION's upcoming covers album, which Aaron's already said will be "full of fun and surprises."

“It’s such a big song of my childhood,” Bruno tells us. “It takes me back to a feeling of hope and positive change; at least that’s what the video implied. So, hopefully it gives people a similar feeling as they see the video that we made or listen to the song”

The inclusion of Boyd and Gourley’s voices on the single came about as a happy accident of sorts, Aaron explains, one that he was thrilled to be a part of, especially with the way both of them work in perfect harmony. “I’ve always wanted to make a covers album,” Bruno admits. “Every band I’ve ever been in… So I’ve compiled a list of songs that I thought would be hilarious, fun, and a challenge. With everyone staying home at the time, it provided an opportunity to reach out to other artists, because we were all in the same situation. And everybody said yes.” Actually, Aaron admits that two artists said no, “but we won’t get into that.”



“With ‘Wind Of Change,’ I asked Portugal first. Zach, the bass player and I had been talking, and they said yes. But I knew they were finishing up their new record as well,” Aaron explains. “So, I reached out to Brandon who I’ve known forever, and he said yes instantly and gave me the vocals like a week later.” Months down the line, “the Portugal guys were in town and were like, ‘hey, we’re in town, can we just come to your studio?’”

“I was presented with a slight predicament,” he says, “that I had all three of us on the song when originally each song was going to have one feature.” Balancing three different voices proved to be that challenge he was looking for over the years. Likening the experience to an “incredible three-way date, Bruno says everyone, “had a wonderful meal and everybody seems to be happy.”

Watch our full Check In with AWOLNATION's Aaron Bruno above, and stay tuned for even more conversations with your favorite artists right here at

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