WILLOW on the 'beautiful synergy' she expects between her and Billie Eilish's fans

The artist is ready to unleash all the wild moments with fans while on tour with Billie Eilish
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WILLOW’s fourth studio album, lately I feel EVERYTHING, has been in our presence for just about a month, and the artist tells us she is still riding a wave of extreme excitement.

During an Audacy Check In with Julia, WILLOW shared details about her foray into pop-punk and Rock music and what she envisions for herself in the future. Plus the artist spoke candidly about her outlook on the importance of mental health in music.

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“I definitely did not expect it to pop off like it did,” smiles the singer when sharing her initial reaction to her album release. WILLOW continues to tell us that she is most proud of the lyrics and vocals that make up her new record.
She adds, “in the past, I spent a lot of the time focusing on the production and I didn’t have as much time as I would like to focus on the lyricism and the vocal performance. And so with this album, I feel like I really got the chance to focus on that.”

Gearing up to go on tour with Billie Eilish in 2022, the “transparent soul” artist says she is ready for the high-energy shows. WILLOW notes that she is “used to going so insane on stage and just like screaming my heart out and just like throwing myself on the floor, and just kind of putting it all out there, so I feel like her fans are going to really love that.”

She continues, “I feel like her fans and my fans are going to have like a really beautiful synergy together… even though I’m crazy and weird and most of my fans are crazy and weird, I think we’re all going to get along really well.”

Touching on the importance of mental health and discussing mental health through her lyrics, WILLOW says, “I think we don’t talk about it enough that having a mind and having a body is just hard. Like, being a spirit inside of a body and inside of a mind, that’s just a recipe for disaster. We just need to support each other in knowing that it’s so hard and not try to cover it up… you can still be fly and you can still have problems in your life.”

WILLOW concludes, “I think that if everyone took a moment in the morning to either sit in silence or scream and cry… and accept themselves for it and give themselves love, and understanding, and know that they’re just purging these emotions so they don’t bring it into their day… we would all feel slightly different.”

Watch WILLOW's full interview above and check out our First Impression of WILLOW's new release below.

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