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girl in red has a carved out a powerful new niche for herself within the alt-rock community
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Pride season has landed here at Audacy. All month long we will be waving the flag for our friends, family members, and colleagues while celebrating the diversity, creativity, and ingenuity of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Having just launched her debut album, if I could make it go quietMarie Ulven, aka girl in red, has become an essential staple as a queer artist paving her way through the alternative music landscape.

When speaking with Audacy’s Ally Johnson and Bryce Segallgirl in red tells us that she is in awe over the fact that her name has now become a moniker for identifying as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Upon searching the phrase “do you listen to girl in red” on Urban Dictionary, it is described as a “discreet way of asking a girl if she likes girls/ is gay. Inspired by the iconic lesbian musician girl in red. Because if she listens to girl in red, she is most likely LGBT.”

Because Ulven’s queer identity is so intertwined into her music, the artist has carved out a powerful new niche for herself within the alt-rock community.

The “serotonin” singer tells us that her mental health struggles never really collided with coming out. For girl in red, coming to terms with her sexual identity never played a major role in the tribulations she faced with mental health.

Embarking on this musical “journey,” while still figuring out the best practices for her mental health and embracing her queer identity, Marie says “my twenties were not what I thought they would be,” adding that she thought she would know what she was doing once reaching the second decade of her life.

Speaking about the creation of her hit single “serotonin,” Ulven shares that the track, which features production credit from FINNEAS, was all done over Zoom. “Now I have a really cool song,” beams Ulven. She continues, “every time I listen to it I’m like ‘Oh my god I can’t believe this stuff came out of my brain.’”

As she moves further and further away from the grueling songwriting process that it took to create “serotonin,” the singer is simply able to bask in the love she has for the record.

Marie compares the pain of trying to create an amazing song to a pregnancy, half-jokingly explaining, “just like a pregnancy, you know giving birth people actually forget how painful it is to give birth so that you’ll want to have a second child… it’s evolution, people aren’t designed to remember pain, so therefore I’m not designed to remember the pain of the music process.”

“serotonin,” is the first track that opens the album, and boasts a multi-dimensional rap verse done by Marie herself. The Norwegian-born artist says that she chose to open the album with such a technical song to let listeners know, “y’all are in for a treat on this record!”

Watch girl in red's full interview above.

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