Watch Pete Wentz Answer Questions in an Exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live

Answers from one of our Fall Out Boy favorites

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy joined RADIO.COM for a special FANDEMIC Instagram Live this week, answering your questions from around the world.

Live from inside his home where everyone is happy and healthy, Wentz checked in to tell us what he's been up to during this time of social distancing, the inspiration behind his new track with Cheap Cuts, and how JAY-Z answers the phone.

"This is a strange time," says Wentz. "We all have some of the same fears and some of the same thoughts going on I think. I just think it's important to keep going and doing the things you do, and doing some things that maybe you didn't expect that you were gonna do, like drawing a picture, read a book, or check in with a friend you haven't checked in with. I think it's important to keep doing things to keep your mind healthy to to keep just moving along."

Fall Out Boy has a busy summer planned, hitting the road with Green Day and Weezer for the HELLA MEGA Tour, currently set to kick off in July.

In November, FOB released their second Greatest Hits collection, Believers Never Die – Volume Two. The album features all the highlights from the Chicago band’s amazing second wave of success, and includes a new track with Wyclef Jean, "Dear Future Self (Hands Up)."

This week, Wentz is also at the center of another new release – narrating and starring in “Check Your Phone” from Cheap Cuts, detailing his scrolling history in the dizzying and chaotic new track. The idea first came to life months ago, but it seems more relevant now in this time of uncertainty. Pete talked about some of the things that inspired the collaboration, including Baz Luhrmann's 1999 spoken-word epic, "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)."

"I've been trying to make that song for like, 10 years," Wentz admits. "And I don't feel like I've ever gotten the recipe right. Like, it's been too angry, and then it's been too soft. That song really had this sweet spot - and people who haven't heard the song you should check it out, it was like massive one year in the 90s - but it's like this commencement speech over a rad track. It's just irreverent. It's like a sliver of where it's funny, but it speaks to you, and it's not condescending. It's really hard to nail that."

To hear much more from Pete Wentz, check out the full FANDEMIC Instagram Live above.

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