Watch The Flaming Lips Perform Inside Bubbles, for an Audience… Inside Bubbles

A preview of what Flaming Lips concerts might look like in the future

As the music industry continues to figure out what the future looks like, The Flaming Lips may have come up with a genius solution. Bubbles.

The band was the latest musical guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and offered up a remote performance that hasn’t been seen to date. While a Flaming Lips show isn’t complete without frontman Wayne Coyne hopping in a bubble and venturing out into the audience, their appearance on Colbert featured an actual crowd. Yes, real people.

The creative caveat the band came up with was to have each audience member inside their own individual bubble, just like each member of the band was. The Flaming Lips went on to perform the song “Race For Their Prize” from their 1999 album The Soft Bulletin.

Recently, The Flaming Lips shared a new song called “Flowers of Neptune 6” which features guest vocals from Kacey Musgraves. The video features Wayne Coyne wandering around in a field inside of, you guessed it, his signature bubble. While it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not the song is part of an upcoming album, guitarist Steven Drozd recently said on a podcast that the band is planning to release a new album this summer called American Head.

It should come as no surprise to Flaming Lips fans that Wayne Coyne was recently married inside of a bubble. Coyne tied the knot with his wife Katy over a year ago and posted photos from the wedding to social media. The couple exchanged their vows inside of a bubble with a rainbow backdrop and lots of balloons lining the floor.

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