Tom Delonge Talks UFOs and 'the Best Record' of His Life in an Exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live

An update on the Angels album and so much more

Tom DeLonge joined RADIO.COM for an exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live, answering questions from fans from around the world, live from the comfort of his own home. Luckily, Tom has studio space in his house, and he's finishing up the Angles & Airwaves album that's been in the works for a year.

"We're almost done with it now," confesses Tom. "I think it's the best record of my life. From my point of view," he cautions. "Other people will be like, 'we like this one blink record or we like this Angels record.' Everyone has their favorite."

"I challenge myself and I have a pretty good point of view as far as what I do well, what I don't do well, and when I think I'm doing something well that fits me as an artist. I just think this record is a spectacular piece of what I'm all about. So I really hope people like it. I'm hoping for it."

So what has been going on with Tom DeLonge? Well, AVA just put out their first new song of 2020, sharing the epic adventure, “All That’s Left Is Love.” DeLonge has also been reminiscing online about past work with Boxcar Racer and blink-182, sharing old memories from both bands. Oh, and there’s this little thing that Tom has been talking about, well forever, that just got officially released by the Pentagon.

"What you're seeing now are those things playing out," says DeLonge, hinting towards the official release of UFO footage from the government on Monday. "I've been saying this for years. So keep watching. Go back to all those things I've said."

DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy has been instrumental in the release of these UFO videos, a long process that he thanked everyone for after the news broke on Monday.

“Well a lot of people feel like, ‘oh my god, do you feel so vindicated and validated?’ And I go, ‘yea I guess on some level’ which is more of an ego-driven thing, like ‘I told you so,’ but I have a lot of compassion for people because I've been brought into circles and I've been brought into things that are unnerving and a bit scary for people, and I feel more compassion because they think it's like, 'wow you must feel so cool,' well not really because you don’t know the whole story. And when you do, it’s gonna probably upset you for a little while.”

DeLonge and his company have made it a mission to help people through the coming storm of information, and to force more transparency across the board. “I don’t really jump up-and-down feeling cool about this. I feel almost like a doctor, what they must feel, when they gotta tell people some news that it’s hard for people to digest.”

Tom explains that we've known about the existence of other life for the past 70 years, but they likely go back much further - with some of the things that we know about mythology and religion being tied to their presence.

“I think that any advanced civilization is gonna do things on an advanced level. Even we do that as Americans, we’ll go into some small third world country and we’ll be there secretly and we’ll kind of f*** with the economy or with the political leadership or we’ll set up things to kinda spearhead that culture to grow in our image. And there’s probably collateral damage in doing such a thing," DeLonge describes. "And then you gotta ask the people on the ground, ‘is the United States good or are they bad?’ The one thing they could say is, ‘sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re bad, but they always do what’s in their interest.’ And sometimes that helps us, and sometimes it doesn’t. Now imagine if there’s Russia, America and China all doing that to the same little island. It’s gonna be a mess. At any given moment, one country is doing something better for you than the other, but it changes on an on-going basis. So, I don’t really think it’s a matter of saying it’s good or bad. I think it’s more of a matter of what are they doing, and its likely in their best interest, and does that help us or hurt us at any given time?”

"These are big questions. We don't know."

You can hear much more from Tom DeLonge in the full FANDEMIC above. “All That’s Left Is Love” is now available everywhere.

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