Watch Weezer and Fall Out Boy Face off on 'Family Feud'

Band members exchanged awkward answers to some revealing questions

Name something goin’ down in an earlier round that looks like Buddy Holly. Survey Says… Fall Out Boy and Weezer!

The alt-rock bands went head-to-head during Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Family Feud, hosted by Steve Harvey. Actor Seth Green joined Fall Out Boy, while Suzy Shinn played alongside Weezer.

Pete Wentz and Rivers Cuomo faced off, providing answers for the question “In hell, all strippers look like who?” Rivers quipped “mom?” Something most of us would rather not think about. Other answers included grandmother, sister, aunt and ex-girlfriend.

Next up were Brian and Joe. “Name something your parents have that’s better than yours…”

Check out the best moments from the musically-induced episode of Celebrity Family Feud.

Fall Out Boy has been making news beyond the music and television game show stage. The band recently pledged support to the Black Lives Matter movement, speaking out against racial injustice and police brutality on social media.

“We support the black community in the struggle against racial inequality, injustice, and police brutality by committing $100,000 from the Fall Out Boy Fund this summer. We will begin with donations to National Bail Out and Black Visions Collective. We realize this is a marathon not a sprint and plan to continue and expand our support,” the group tweeted back in June.

Weezer has preferred performing on the silver screen, as of late. They appeared on the soundtrack for Bill & Ted Face The Music. "Beginning Of The End" is off their forthcoming Van Weezer album, which recently got a delayed release due to COVID-19.

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