Soup, Megan Fox, Pop Punk Destiny and More: We Learn a Lot From 10 Minutes With Machine Gun Kelly

We went for a walk with MGK

On Thursday, Machine Gun Kelly caught up with Will from 104.3 The Shark and RADIO.COM in the Verizon Artist Lounge. Apart from discussing the obvious excitement of his very much anticipated upcoming album Tickets To My Downfall (which he officially submitted to the label today btw), here are a few other memorable moments.

1. While Kellz, whose government name is Colson Baker, prefers burgers and fries as his late night eats, his lady love Megan Fox sticks to sushi and mostly gluten free and organic snacks. Hmmmm… interesting.

2. Also, He’s really into soup these days, whether it’s in a bowl or a mug, he doesn’t discriminate. #SoupGoesSuperHard

3. He doesn’t understand why his transition to pop-punk is surprising to anyone, and if you ask him he’s kind of over it. Saying, “this isn’t like some random I’m switching genres moment, its like hey, I’ve matured into the artist and musician I’ve always dreamed of becoming. And now is the proper time to give you… this project that I’ve always kind of attempted and hinted at.” Adding, “dude I was a warped tour kid homie! Like what are we taking about?,” to further solidify his point.

Kelly kept the chat short, sweet and straight to point, spilling the deets on what it was like working so closely with Travis Barker (who executive produced the album). He also made it a point to say that he wished people would pay more attention to his music than his personal life. Which we totally get, except bro… you’re dating Megan Fox. Kelly even put us (well his phone) through and X-Ray machine, which was pretty cool, but also a little anti-climactic.

While there’s no question about how stoked we are for Tickets to My Downfall, which is set to release September 25. We do have one question for MGK, where exactly were you going?

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