Wendy's shows off pop punk scene knowledge with shout outs to MGK, iDKHOW, and more

Someone better get a raise
Wendy's Photo credit Getty Images

It looks like the social media manager over at Wendy's corporate has a serious affinity for pop punk.

It all started with a series of Twitter posts that began with a fun little trolling operation between the burger chain's account manager and the Dunkin' account. Dunkin' first posted a photo of a person in a donut costume holding up a placard in front of a Wendy's sign saying, "Listen to the life-sized donut: You don't have to settle for spicy nuggets," to promote their new spicy donut.

Wendy's responded with fire saying, "Stick to pushing the food that’s so 'good' you took it out of your name. My grandma has more heat in her roasts." Shots fired!

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This prompted followers to chime in en masse about the pure savagery of the Wendy's account manager, with one user saying "Top 5 Things Eminem's afraid to diss" -- which drew another response from Wendy's. "Please don’t make him do it, my pop punk album to recover after his diss isn’t ready," Wendy’s responded referencing Machine Gun Kelly's new pop-punk album, Tickets To My Downfall, and the reviews which claim he “switched genres” after a long-running Eminem feud.

Things then went beautifully off-the-rails with comments flooding in about the pop punk bands currently endorsed by Wendy's (like iDKHOW, All Time Low, Wonder Years, Nothing, Nowhere, and tons more!), or at least their social media person, who dropped band name after band name in response. See a sampling below.

Some of the bands tagged in the Tweets were also quick to jump in on the love-fest, with some asking for sponsorships, and others professing their adoration.

In all quite a productive project, excellently executed by the person behind Wendy's tweets. Honestly, someone better get a raise.

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