Why Pearl Jam Released the Uncensored Version of 'Jeremy' Video, 28 Years Later

In support of National Wear Orange Day to raise awareness about gun violence

Friday, June 5 was National Wear Orange Day, also known as National Gun Violence Awareness Day. The day seeks to raise awareness about gun violence and encourages participation by wearing the color orange.

Pearl Jam has lent their hand in support of National Wear Orange Day with the release of a new shirt with all proceeds going towards supporting organizations that work to prevent gun violence.

The band has also shared their original uncensored music video for “Jeremy,” which was previously edited back in 1992 to comply with TV censorship laws.

While the original video has more graphic content than the edited version, Pearl Jam opted to share it on their YouTube channel to raise awareness about gun violence. The video was widely praised as it’s been listed as one of the top 100 music videos of all time by both MTV and Rolling Stone.

“In addition to the equity protests taking place around the country, today also marks National Wear Orange Day,” the band wrote in a tweet. “The increase in gun violence since the debut of “Jeremy” is staggering.

Pearl Jam recently spoke out about the George Floyd protests stating "Pearl Jam was started with a love for music and social justice. Our organization has been reflecting on where unconscious racism is still showing up in our own lives and how we can do better."

"While we continue to dig in, we do not want to contribute to white voices overtaking the narrative that the Black community is sharing," they continue. "It is the responsibility of each of us to listen and educate ourselves on how to be better humans sharing this planet."

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