Yungblud and MGK Wish They Wrote 'I Think I'm OKAY' When They Were 12

The pair give us an exclusive performance of the song

Yungblud and MGK were quick to admire each other’s work when we asked about the making of their song, “I Think I’m OKAY.” The collaboration which also includes Travis Barker, has become a breakout smash thanks to the chemistry and fire power created when they come together.

“I’ll never forget when Yungblud says, ‘take drugs on gravestones,’” MGK says in the exclusive interview above, as he looks honestly at Yngblud sitting beside him. “Everyone’s always looking for lyrics and words that rhyme that are unique. It feels like everything’s been said a million times over and that was the first time I ever heard a lyric like that. That was a line I wish I wrote.”

For Yungblud it’s even bigger as he recites MGK’s first verse back to him and admits it transported him back in time. “It just kinda took me back to being like 12-year-old me in my bedroom. You said what I was feeling in kind of a deep suppressed part of my stomach,” Yungblud admits. “Everyone goes through that period of rejection and turns to self-destruction for that. Soon as I heard that I was like, yeah man, that’s powerful.”

“It felt like the song that we both wish we wrote when we were twelve,” MGK laughs. “Dude, legitimately. We were literally like in blink-182 while we were writing that song,” Yungblud shoots back.

You can hear much more about the collaboration in the full video above, including the amazing moment Yungblud had in the studio that surprised MGK.

Watch the two team up once again for a special performance of “I Think I’m OKAY” below.