EXCLUSIVE: YUNGBLUD, blackbear, and Marshmello Ready to Ring In 2020… Together?

The trio are cooking up NYE plans Down Under

The trio of YUNGBLUD, blackbear, and Marshmello have been tied together since releasing their single, “Tongue Tied” in November, and they have quickly become a misfit gang of friends that we want to be a part of.

“We’re just one big happy, yet dysfunctional, family,” YUNGBLUD tells RADIO.COM, laughing hysterically. “I mean look at us.”

The young punk from Yorkshire, the rapper from Florida, and the masked man from parts unknown (or Pennsylvania) all combine for a perfect blend of grimey pop on their song, and they have an undeniable chemistry together. The three tell us that they had separate plans for New Year’s Eve, but it quickly became another possible group outing.

“I’m gonna be in Australia. Down Under,” YUNGBLUD says with an Outback accent.

“Oh me too,” echoes blackbear.

That’s two out of three that will be saying G’Day to the new year in Oz. But what about Marshmello?

“Do you wanna come with me?” YUNGBLUD asks as the EDM mastermind nods along. “Just get in me suitcase? Sick.”

“So we’ll see you Down Under,” blackbear smiles.

Look for YUNGBLUD, blackbear, and a guitar case stuffed with Marshmello in Australia this NYE. “Tongue Tied” is now available everywhere.

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