Atlanta’s young Black influencers are making the internet their own

Combatting racism within brand deals these influencers are changing the digital landscape
Photo credit Getty Images

The cultural influences that ooze out Atlanta have been taken to the next level due to the global accessibility that social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have allowed for. With it, the driving force behind so many prominent viral trends have come from a generation of Black creatives living in the city.

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Jalaiah Harmon is the 15-year-old Atlanta native that took TikTok by storm with his Renegade dance. The TikTok dance dominated the app in 2019 and still persists as one of the biggest trends across the platform. Lil Nas X hails from Lithia Springs, Georgia, a suburb outside of Atlanta, and he too utilized his music-making abilities and TikTok to springboard into a full-blown music career. Based in Atlanta, Lil Nas X took “Old Town Road” and turned it into a viral sensation into a chart-topping hit.