Adam Lambert shares update on Queen guitarist Brian May after heart attack

The Queen guitarist suffered a 'small heart attack' back in May

Brian May is on the road to recovery.

Earlier this year, the Queen guitarist revealed he had a heart attack and underwent a stent procedure. While the news may have been shocking, May described the heart attack as “small” and said "it was about 40 minutes of pain in the chest and tightness, and that feeling in the arms and sweating."

A few months have passed since May’s heart attack and his Queen bandmate Adam Lambert provided an uplifting update on how the guitarist was doing. "I talked to him the other day and I think he is doing better, which is awesome," Lambert told ET.

"That kind of thing takes a minute to recover from, but I am so glad that he is OK. It is interesting timing. Who knows if we would have been on the road. That would have been very difficult, and I know that he got the medical attention that he needs and is fit as a fiddle."

Queen + Lambert were supposed to tour this summer, but the pandemic forced them to cancel their dates. Lambert didn’t really seem interested in speculating whether or not May would have toured had they been able to and expounded on how much it can take out of you.

"One of the things about being on tour is that it is like a battery, and even though it requires a lot of energy it can be draining," he said.

"It also gives you a lot of energy, [but] every time I am done with the tour and I come home, I almost always get a cold and am really tired because your body [shuts down]."

With the pandemic shutting down live music for the foreseeable future, Queen and Adam Lambert took the time to put together their very first live album together.

Live Around The World arrives on October 2 and features Queen + Adam Lambert performing classic Queen songs serving as highlights of the numerous concerts the pair has performed over the years.

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