Bad Bills Blood: Bon Jovi says 'You will never see my face in Buffalo ever'

An old grudge cement's the singer's feels towards the city

Bon Jovi still holds a bitter grudge with Buffalo, New York and President Trump over the star’s failed attempt to purchase the city’s NFL team, six years ago.

The “Livin’ On A Prayer” singer vented his frustrations during an interview with British GQ Magazine. He assured the publication “You will never see my face in Buffalo ever. I have knocked it off the map.”

His repudiation for Buffalo stems from his private investment group attempting to purchase the Buffalo Bills in 2014. Jovi says Donald Trump was also interested in buying the team and instigated a smear campaign against the singer to turn the people of Buffalo against him. He goes on to explain a central theme to Trump’s campaign was to convince Buffalonians Jovi would move the Bills to Canada.

“I can tell you, I swear to you on a stack of Bibles, because I had to have this hardy conversation with the two partners: ‘We’re not gonna get this unless we keep this here,’” he told the publication. “We never saw it coming. I was calling the town councilman, telling him, ‘I’m moving to Buffalo, New York!’”

Neither Bon Jovi or President Trump ended up buying the Buffalo Bills, but the singer still resents the President’s alleged actions.

Bon Jovi released his 15th studio album 2020, earlier this month. He tells British GQ how many of the songs on that release speak to an America that needs to change. “I am very concerned because there’s such an extreme divide that it’s almost as if the nation is saying you’re with me or you’re against me,” he says. “I like to think I was taking the position throughout the record of saying, ‘Let’s have a conversation.’”

One of the singles “Do What You Can” honored front line workers battling against COVID-19 with a patriotic music video. Granular scenes of empty streets and hollow buildings create a sense of despair, as the masked artist strides through New York City surveying COVID-19’s quiet damage. Suddenly an ambulance approaches the shot, sirens buzzing, bringing with it scenes of first responders coming to our aid

For Jon, the emergence of the coronavirus caused him to do some deep soul searching. During an interview with RADIO.COM’s Karen Carson, he expressed hope his music could bring people together during the challenging time.

“This is something that, unlike any other event whether happy or sad, is something that the planet experienced together. You know, 9/11 was something that affected the people that were in those cities. The rest of the folks, even in America, watched it on television and said, ‘oh I feel for those folks,’ but it wasn’t their hometown."

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