Bon Jovi Rocks New York City With Inspiring 'Do What You Can' Video

A love letter to front line workers fighting the coronavirus

Jon Bon Jovi is giving fans an intimate look at the pain, hardships and hope felt by New Yorkers during the coronavirus pandemic, releasing the music video for his latest single “Do What You Can.”

Granular scenes of empty streets and hollow buildings create a sense of despair, as the masked artist strides through New York City surveying COVID-19’s quiet damage. Suddenly an ambulance approaches the shot, sirens buzzing, bringing with it scenes of first responders coming to our aid. Construction workers building, sewers sewing, teachers teaching and masked students celebrating graduation amid this new normal.

This patriotic painting concludes with screaming fighter jets ushering in scenes of Bon Jovi dancing atop an air craft carrier canvas. “Dedicated to the everyday heroes fighting to rise above this pandemic,” the screen reads, as Jon’s image pan’s to black.

Bon Jovi says he felt compelled to write “Do What You Can” after volunteering at his JBJ Soul Kitchen Community Restaurant in Red Bank, NJ. His wife Dorothea snapped a photo of his work and posted it to social media with the caption “If You Can’t Do What You Do… Do What You Can.” The next day, the song writer penned his latest single.

The “Living on a Prayer” singer says shooting the video was an emotional journey to the center of America’s appreciation for front line workers.

“Shooting a video on nearly empty streets of Manhattan amid a global crisis really told the story of 'Do What You Can' from the place where I lived it. And I know those empty streets look similar to so many parts of America battling this pandemic," he shared in a statement. "But the story of everyday heroes showing amazing courage was inspiring to see and the video, much like the song, has a great deal of hope in it too.”

Bon Jovi intended to release his new album 2020 on May 15 but he delayed the work to drop October 2.

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