KISS pulling out all the stops for 'Kiss 2020 Goodbye' virtual NYE concert

A digital concert that bids adieu to a chaotic year
Photo credit Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ABA

Are you ready to KISS 2020 good bye?

The Detroit-based rock group will try and celebrate this “new normal” New Year’s Eve with a virtual Kiss 2020 Goodbye concert, live from Dubai.

This socially distant show is their first since March. Officials with the group say there will be “a live COVID-screen and safe audience” at the Royal Beach hotel, in Duabi.

KISS released a dramatic promotional video promising the largest pyrotechnics show ever, with 50 cameras providing 360 degree views.

Band members sent out a press release promising to shine an encouraging light on the new year. “After nine months of this pandemic darkness, the world may finally be seeing light of day.” They also promise "the production will take extraordinary on-site COVID protocols, including daily testing and biometric crew wristbands to ensure highest safety standards for the entire event."

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Ticket prices range from about $50 to $1,000, which include collector’s items and a Blu-ray of the concert. Check out the band’s website for more details.

Lead singer Gene Simmons has been a strong advocate for COVID safety during this pandemic. He told TMZ Live back in April that people should quit complaining and adhere to safety protocols. “Look, not too long ago our grandparents were asked to go fight a war overseas, a war they had nothing to do with,” Simmons said. “50 million deaths resulted in World War II and your grandparents gave, many times, the ultimate sacrifice.”

Simmons’ message wasn’t all doom and gloom. He added an optimistic quip about the future. “This will get better,” he said. “I promise you.”

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