Neil Young is Officially an American Citizen

Watch him celebrate in song

More than five decades after he first came to the United States, Neil Young is an American citizen

The “Rockin’ in the Free World” singer traveled to the convention center in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday to make it official. Following the ceremony, video shows Young and wife Daryl Hannah riding down an escalator. The 74-year-old waved a small American flag while holding naturalization documents in his other hand.

Young later celebrated his dual Canadian-American citizenship in an Instagram video by singing “I’m proud to be a Canarican” to the tune of “God Bless the U.S.A.” while holding miniature Canadian and American flags.

Young says now was finally the time to become an American citizen because he wanted to vote against Donald Trump in the presidential election. And he didn’t waste any time getting involved in that process. He posted a picture on Twitter that shows him saluting in front of a Democratic voter registration site.

“I’m happy to report I’m in!” he wrote, while urging supporters to “vote your conscience.”

Young said his final journey to citizenship was initially delayed by his affinity for marijuana. He said his application was flagged under a new immigration policy alert that uses drug use as a barometer for “good moral character.”

But he’s finally in after taking another citizenship test.

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