Paul McCartney releasing new solo album in classic 'McCartney' series

'McCartney III' promises new spin on the former Beatle's eclectic sound

Paul McCartney stands 50 years removed from his self-titled debut solo album McCartney. The former Beatle penned a subsequent sequel, McCartney II, in 1980. Now, as the music world seeks a calming voice amid the panic of corona-cancelations, Paul is delivering a third chapter to this legendary work.

McCartney III is due out December 11. It’s his latest solo album since 2018’s Egypt Station. The work strips back high end production in favor of Paul’s raw and unabashed musical genius. The singer teased this process tweeting a teaser video of his in-studio production skills and multi-instrumental talents. “McCartney III. The new album, out December 11th,” Paul captions.

The artist says his inspiration for rekindling the solo collection came during quarantine due to the coronavirus. “I was living lockdown life on my farm with my family and I would go to my studio every day. I had to do a little bit of work on some film music and that turned into the opening track and then when it was done I thought what will I do next?” McCartney wondered.

Isolation provided a creative buffer between mainstream interests and the unbridled rhythm beating in McCarthy’s heart. “It was about making music for yourself rather than making music that has to do a job.”

“So, I just did stuff I fancied doing. I had no idea this would end up as an album.”

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McCartney III is mostly built from live takes of Paul on vocals and guitar or piano, overdubbing his bass playing, drumming and other instruments. He reveals in a press release, the writing process began when revisiting the unreleased track “When Winter Comes.” Paul crafted a new passage for the song, featuring its new 2020 intro “Winter Bird”, creating a beautiful grand finale.

You can pre-order McCartney III via Paul’s website, or wait for its December 11 release.

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