Robert Plant Reveals Willie Nelson Has a 'Truckload' of Weed He Gives Away on Tour

'He just gives it away'

Robert Plant recently shared a choice, classic rock memory on his podcast Digging Deep with Robert Plant, in which country legend Willie Nelson generously gave him ‘a whole lotta’ marijuana while on tour.

“We were invited to play with Willie Nelson a couple of months ago and he was travelling through his tour with his big bus giving away weed to everybody,” the Led Zeppelin frontman said.

Plant described Nelson’s giving nature with marijuana, while on tour. “He just gives it away. It’s a truckload from here to the… mirror ball and beyond. Free. With doors to go in, get your little hit and go out the other side.”

The rock legend also described Nelson’s penchant for hotel showers. “The next night, he was playing somewhere else… back on his bus. He parks it outside the hotel and uses the hotel to take a shower. He then gets back on the bus.”

“That sort of infinity thing is very prevalent over there.”

Fans are familiar with Nelson’s marijuana use. Rumors floated for decades about the singer lighting up at the White House while staying the night at the invitation of President Jimmy Carter.

Willie wrote about smoking a "fat Austin torpedo" at the Executive Mansion in his autobiography It's a Long Story: My Life, and even told the story of the pair's long friendship to the nation while speaking with Jimmy Kimmel.

President Carter goes into further detail in a new documentary, Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President, President Carter.

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