Everything We Know About The Killers Collaboration With The Rolling Stones

A mysterious track enjoys the addition of another voice, among many

The Rolling Stones are cooking up a classic rock concoction with equal parts old and new sound. For their latest project, the band is teaming up with The Killers for new take on the recently unearthed “Scarlet.”

“Coming Friday… 🐐🥣,” The Stones tweeted the news alongside a snapshot cover of generational bands, goat and soup emojis included. The re-imagined track will be featured on multi-format and deluxe reissues of Goats Heat Soup, coming out September 4. DJ and songwriter, Jacques Lu Cont will also be featured on the track.

“Scarlet” is a single smudged with rock dynasty fingerprints, dating back to its inception. Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page can be heard on guitar in the in the previously unreleased track. It seems the song will continue its constant journey of rediscovery. The group surprised fans this summer with an official music video for the song featuring Irish actor Paul Mescal, best known for his lead role in the Hulu series Normal People

Earlier this month, The Stones teamed up with The War on Drugs for a reverberated remix, laced with a smooth veneer of production that slightly modernized a gritty blues rock hit.

Never a band to rest, The Rolling Stones announced their first flagship store in the area of London’s iconic fashion scene from the 1960’s. RS No. 9 Carnaby. They say the store is set to open on September 9 and will feature Stones merchandise, fashion, exclusive collaborations, new music, and more.

Meanwhile, The Killers are making new music at hyper speed. Wasting no time basking in positive reviews for their latest album Imploding The Mirage, lead singer Brandon Flowers told NME the group is working on a new album he hopes to release in the next 10 months.

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